in our world, anything is possible

be like Alice leave your head and enter a wonderland

The Porcelain Teacup has been built on daydreams, sparkles, love and the belief in the "impossible".  Inspired by the classic Fairy Tale Alice in Wonderland The Porcelain Teacup connects to the concept of believing in all things fantastical.  Siblings, Char & Kayla Franey, started the journey of The Porcelain Teacup with avid aspirations to fully realize their ability to create their own worlds.  Raised in an environment that pushed the boundaries of imagination, and creative expression through the art of clothing, The Porcelain Teacup became an amazing outlet to enable other little girls to live creatively and imagine a world where anything is possible. 

In life, we often become immersed by the pressures and challenges thrown our way - and although this is difficult for us grownups, these experiences also weigh heavily on the young.  The Porcelain Teacup hopes to provide a glimpse into an magical escape for the young Teacup Girls of today.   We encourage questioning our realities and embracing living in a world where anything is possible. True to The Porcelain Teacup slogan, be like Alice leave your head and enter a wonderland, each piece created within the line aims to support this dream. 

The Porcelain Teacup team is comprised of sister duo Char & Kayla, long time friend Alaina V, and Teacup Girls, Mila & Suri Goodyear.  We each play our own roles, key to our strengths, but together is where we shine!  One of our favorite experiences working in this world comes from seeing our dreams come to life, whether through a a beautiful captured shot or getting to watch our pieces brought to life on the runway.