be like Alice 

The Porcelain Teacup is built on daydreams, sparkles, love and the belief in the "impossible".  Inspired by the classic Fairy Tale Alice in Wonderland The Porcelain Teacup connects to the concept of believing in all things fantastical.  Siblings, Char & Kayla Franey, started a journey down their own yellow brick road with The Porcelain Teacup in 2014 with the hopes of realizing their ability to create their own worlds.   

be like alice... in life, we often become overwhelmed by the pressures around us - this is true for adults and kids alike.  Our advice? be like alice - leave your head, take a vacation from your mind, and create your own wonderland. Each piece that comes out of creative process aims to support this dream, creating your own wonderland, even if just for a moment.