• Be like Belle


    Our version of Belle. Playing on its classic yellow coloring, and added our own touches on the design. The front of this ball gown has a bodice made of yellow silk, and is covered with hand sewn cream lace applique. The collar is trimmed with 9” long golden feather’s and then accented with pearl and gold chain trim. The skirt of the dress is made of different level tiers of tulle. The top layer has little lace appliques trailing down. There are over 100 yards of tulle in this dress. The longest and middle length layer are trimmed in with a stiffening band, and yellow silk bands to keep the shape of the dress.


    The back of the dress has a scoop and button closure, and then several train tails that end with bows.


    The center of the back is finished off with a huge silk bow, with a center trim in pearl and chain.


    This dress is fully lined and is dry clean only. It can be made in any color combination just email us for